Maxwell’s Demon

Dharma for None


Panic Attack


This Can’t be the Place

Loving the Alien

The Clearing Sky

Suspended in Satori

Repent Harlequin

Ask the Dust

Jeff Miers – guitars, bass, keyboards, drums

Ryan John Nogle – drums
Eric Starr – drums
Declan Miers – bass, guitar, moog
Erin Ward – acoustic guitar
Ethan Weissman – guitar

Lucy Bell, Vinnie DeRosa, Tony DeRosa, James Seney, Nelson Starr, Craig Warner


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VIDEO // Maxwell’s demon

Written, produced and mixed by Jeff Miers and Nelson Starr

Video by Erin Patrick Ward

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VIDEO // Dharma for None

Album Trailer

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VIDEO // Grace Was Present

Written, produced and performed by Jeff Miers

I’ve been to thousands of concerts over the course of my life

Communal events that left a lasting impression on me and continue to, still

But most of the listening that changed my life

That made me want to be a musician

And that makes me continue to be one

Was done alone

Vinyl through headphones, loud, in my childhood bedroom

Later, in the car, on cassette tapes

It played always, regardless of who else was there  but it hit me hardest when I was alone

A car is just a stereo that rolls, after all

And now, a phone is just an iPod that occasionally rings when you don’t want it to

and takes pictures you forget about almost instantly

Music is intimate and intense and immersive when you’re listening alone 

when no one can talk through it 

or ignore it right in front of you

You really fall in love with it when you’re alone

Then you can’t wait to share it with someone else

And invariably, some of them will talk through it

Or ignore it

And you’re back to the car And the cycle begins again…

I wanted to make an album that would sound good when you’re alone 

In your car

Playing it very loud

With no one talking through it

Maybe you’ll even mute your notifications for an hour 

Or not