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Robby Takac announces 21st anniversary Music is Art Festival


Takac and MIA team tackle Michigan St. bridge closure by expanding festival’s footprint

If there’s one thing Robby Takac has learned over the past two decades of presenting his Music is Art Festival to Buffalo audiences, it’s how to roll with the punches. Whether those punches came in the form of unfriendly weather, mildly hostile neighboring event committees, or a raging pandemic, they indeed did come. But Takac and his MIA team consistently greeted them with a grin and a shrug, and then got back to the job at hand. 

This year, the job at hand will include dealing with the closing of a bridge that, over the past several seasons, allowed for foot traffic between the two locales housing the festival’s dozens of stages – Buffalo Riverworks and Buffalo Riverfest Park, the grounds of which are separated by the Buffalo River. But right on time, there was that grin and shrug once again, as Takac announced the 21st annual Music is Art Festival via Buffalo FM on Thursday morning. The event will indeed take place at Riverworks and Riverfest Park once again, this year on Saturday, September 9, between 11 a.m. and 2 a.m.

Standing along the Buffalo River, beneath skies darkened by the continued effects of the Canadian wildfires, Takac revealed the new signature poster for the event, and promised  “a larger, more exciting” MIA Fest, featuring some 250 bands, 150 DJs and 50 exhibiting artists, appearing across 27 stages. 

To help mitigate the effects of the Michigan St. bridge closing, 4 large shuttle boats will transport festival-goers between Riverworks and Riverfest Park throughout the event, and the neighborhood around Riverfest Park “will be opened up more,” with partnerships between MIA and local businesses and street closings allowing for increased musical action on that side of the Buffalo River. Takac also announced the inclusion of VIP packages for the first time in MIA history, offering parking, all-day boat shuttle passes, and “free beer and food all day” to potential purchasers. 

“People aren’t gonna be freaked out at all (by the bridge closing),” Takac said. “They always find their way… The best side-effect of the bridge being closed is that we’re able to expand into these surrounding neighborhoods… this neighborhood is waking up! Every year, we’re gonna see more and more vitality here.” 

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7 responses to “Robby Takac announces 21st anniversary Music is Art Festival”

  1. julia dziomba Avatar
    julia dziomba

    Volunteer information please

    1. Jeff Miers Avatar
      Jeff Miers

      Hey Julia – you can find more volunteer info here –

  2. Julian Burgio Avatar
    Julian Burgio

    So excited for this! It’s the best day of the year!

  3. Melissa Brose Avatar

    Are you accepting applications for food and drink vendors?

    1. Jeff Miers Avatar
      Jeff Miers

      Hey Melissa, you can find info for MIA vendors here:

  4. Jeffrey Criden Avatar
    Jeffrey Criden

    Always a great day! I will be, once again, MCing the Kid’s Village. People need to check out that stage. We have some exceptional young talent in this area. I discovered an incredible young woman named Emily Rodriquez in 2021 . She is on her way to Berkeley Music College in August!! Sound familiar Jeff?

  5. Debbie Wann Avatar
    Debbie Wann

    I would love to volunteer. I’m from Buffalo and use to come see you at the Continental before you were Goo Goo Dolls. Loved you then and still do. I love what you do for my hometown. My son volunteered years ago he was in a fursuit Fayroe Fox. I live in Clearwater Florida and bartend for music events at Ruth Eckerd Hall and Capital Theater. I will be working at the Sound as well where you will perform in July. I would love the chance to meet you and thank you for all the memories. I am not a stalker lol. Just a Buffalo girl at heart. Find me on Facebook and let me know if any chance to meet you or volunteer for your cause.

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