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Why Music Matters with Jeff Miers ep.4: guest Shain Shapiro on Building Better Cities with Music


On this episode of Why Music Matters, I’ll be speaking with Shain Shapiro, founder and chairman of the economic consultancy Sound Diplomacy, director of the global nonprofit Center for Music Ecosystems, and author of the forthcoming book This Must Be the Place: How Music Can Make Your City Better.

Shain is a serious music-lover, who turned his passion for music into pioneering work on how music can radically transform not just the people who live in a city, but that city itself.

Over the past decade, Shain has reimagined the way in which all of us should view the convergence of music, culture and urban policy. He’s an expert on music’s ability to speak to our better selves, and has keen insight to share on how those better selves might build better cities.

Thanks for joining us on Why Music Matters. 

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