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‘Why Music Matters with Jeff Miers’ now live and streaming everywhere!


I’m pretty damn excited to debut my new podcast, ‘Why Music Matters with Jeff Miers,’ streaming now on all platforms and via YouTube

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First Episode with JoAnn Falletta of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

This labor of love was born of a creative partnership between myself and the folks at 678 Main Studios in Buffalo’s Theatre District, who reached out to me shortly after my departure from The Buffalo News was made public, to enquire about my future plans – which, if I’m being honest, were not exactly set in stone at that point. But we met, found we were of a similar mindset, and after a few conversations, we filled the blank slate with the idea for this podcast – a conversation-based program during which I try to get to the heart of the matter with the help of some insightful and eloquent guests, all of whom have spent some significant time pondering the personal, social, occasionally political, and always psychological implications of ‘a life spent in music.’ 

I’ve always believed (and often proselytized about that belief) that a deep immersion in the musical life (any and all aspects of it) is a noble calling. This podcast leaves me no choice but to put my money where my mouth has been for decades, with the help of guests who spend their lives as musicians, promoters of music, music journalists, or simply deeply involved music fans. Please join us for what promises to be an interesting ride! 

For the first episode of ‘Why Music Matters,’ I was blessed to be joined by JoAnn Falletta, world-renowned conductor, Music Director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, and tireless advocate for music’s ability to speak to and unite us across physical, social and cultural borders. If anyone can help us discover why music matters so much to so many of us, it’s Maestro Falletta… 

Roll up, folks! It’s time for a musical mystery tour…

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